Me And My Wife Almost Killed At This Morning!

This post have been taken down and the video too. After I had posted in my blog with in 2 hours I received call and message about the car driver, car belong to which company, the contact number and email. 
With in the 4 hours, the driver called me for deeply apologize. I accepted his sorry and agree to taking down the post and video!
Chances has given and he had learn the lesson. 
Special thank for all my readers that kindly give me the information of the car and driver.
We must know who how to apologize and forgive!!!! 
Again... Please remember to drive safe..... Walaupun you are in HURRY but drive faster that's only can save your time 5 to 10 minutes only. To risk you LIFE just for that small small amount of time...totally not worth it!!!!