Lucky Restaurant Celebrating 45 Year Anniversary

I was invited by Lucky restaurant together celebrate their 45 years anniversary. Most of the guest are their neighbor, supplier and media.
45 years..... really not play play one bruther. How many restaurant can do that? So far I only see that the oldest dim sum restaurant in town are theirs. Rasa Sayang, Yi You, Lai Xiang Lou all this already closed donkey years ago.
Me every Sunday morning mostly go Lucky and have my Dim Sum breakfast there so think about that if most of the customer like me one month eat one time there and the restaurant want to survive 45 years really not easy there. I really salute them and they are really Lucky to have all the Chinese people to support them for so many years!

How many of you people still remember the 1st Lucky restaurant was opened??? Can't remember or don't even remember where!!!!! I have asked some old uncles and aunties their 1st restaurant are located behind the Brunei Hotel then baru move to Batu Satu seri complex there. 
If my blog also can survive for 45 years kan then I'll be 83 years old liao.... are you people still want to read what I write here????? hahahahahahah