Is That For The Google Maps????

I'm surprise to see this car like that... on the top of the car got this tall tall things and up and down four side got things look like is Camera driving at Gadong, Kiarong and Kiulap there! The first thing in my head is "Is that for the Googgle Maps streets picture ka"?
So what do you thing??? have any idea of that???  I think no salah sudah one... coz I see inside the car is Orang Putih there.... Is is correct then that's mean not so long lagi we can see out road and street building in the google maps streets image lot!!!
I think I want to standby show off my belly at my balcony when this car pass by my house liao!!!! Hey... come on this is one time in on life time ok.... But show off gau gau there!!!! hahahaha!!!