Is My Fault, I Too Careless

Is this is all my fault that I hurt my lovely baby. All this time I thought that I careful enough and drive safely to take tip top safety caution driving skill for myself and family. No doubt that I did the best I can but still I wasn't best enough!!!! I only think about the car outside not in the inside, which mean that I only caution/avoid/prevented the car to get into accident but never think that the safety issue with inside the car!
I press a bit hard to the brake try to stop the car to avoid hitting the front car but I didn't expected my daughter sitting at behind also can fly off and bump her head on between the driver and front passenger seat. I was drive slow but still enough force to left up my daughter from her seat. Thanks to this awesome experiance and now I learned that back seat safety belt is very important to put on the safety belts too.
I know that some people will comment "why you know putting up a baby seat at the back?"after watching the video... Yes I know that's why I say is my fault, I only care and think outside of the car not inside!!!
I'm not blaming anyone here and I learn that next time my back passenger also need to put on their safety belt too. Just like in other country Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong etc their back seat passenger now already need to put on safety belt.
I wish that our Brunei also can do that also, Put up a law Back Passenger also need to fastening the seat belt too. You can see on the road everyday got car accident..... yes is everyday!!!! Don't play play just only today I saw 2 car accidents on the road, 3 accident people post in the Facebook do you still think that is not serious. If is not serious why the BUS now have to set seat belt? Our Bus here already ask to fix seat belt on each and every seat why not the law cannot put Back Seat Passenger need to fastening seat belt too?
I know some people will think that I'm too busy body to bring up this subject, I should keep my mouth shut but if one day this action is taken and safe your family's life then don't forget come to thanks me here!!!
Seatbelt for the Back!!! Seatbelt for the Back!!!!

Her fore head 1st hit on my seat.

Then her eyebrown 

Last on her chin