Extra Service With No Extra Charge

Hey Bruther don't be surprise if you sent your car to Sin Hup Huat just to change new tyre and you see their staffs cleaning up your car interior even you didn't ask so! This is their new service for all the customers whoever come to change new tyre, alignment, balancing etc also have! Is complimentary.... don't worry no extra charge for that!!! Awesome right..... I always want to have this kind of service in Brunei just like in Japan I see the Initial D cartoon their fuel station got help the customer clean up the car windscreen there so good! Ya lah.... ani baru lah good service. Two thumbs up!!!!

By the way Max Centre start from today 11th-April until 20th-April unavailable to wash,wax or polishing for you and my car because their are so busy waxing for 20 units of BMW.  Sorry for that Bruther!!! Me want to wash also cannot. Please come back on 21st of April!!!!
by the way... I wonder those car got sell cheap cheap after the meeting or not oh!!!!