Different From Photo!!!

I don't know you guys lah... But me kan I always don't like to see the foods which I order doesn't look a same like in the menu picture one! I hate it coz I feel like kana tipu there. I understand that I cannot have the same like in their menu's picture one but at least you give me 80% look same same lah!!! 
If cannot make as same in your menu one then just do like those Fast Food style... "Sample Only or Contoh"!!!
Everyone who sell food one also know what is "Food Presentation" lah..... Even a simple Nasi Lemak, Nasi Katok or Ayam Penyet they serve on the plate also got how to place the rice and chicken looks nice nice there right!!!
Recently I went makan at one of the food court and order their Curry Lasak. In the picture look delicious and show big big $4.00!!! Sekali the lady ask me "You want seafood"? I thought my $4.00 one already is seafood one coz I see the 2 big big prawn there, Lupanya see lower a bit seafood $4.50! The $4.00 one it just normal curry laksa! Ok fine 50 cents is nothing lah but sekali the laksa come I started regreted liao... Damm it $4.50 I have a nice and yummy eat full full Ayam Penyet or Nasi Ayam!!!
I think the normal original one lagi better!!!!
Conclusion of my story is:
 Do Not Expect Your 50 Cents Can Give You Heaven!