Camera & Travel Fair 2012

Song lo... you Canon dslr kaki got new 5D Mark III and EOS 1DX launch at last week and can touch touch see see look look again. Not like us Nikon kaki every time have to wait until the Maggis Hua Ho there got camera road show baru can touch and play with it. The rest of the time want to try out at those camera shop have to see their boss and stuff face long long.... susah lah be a Nikon kaki!
At first I also want to be a Canon kaki one but because my daddy he got some Nikon's lens I can use so I bought my first Nikon D90 loh.
Ya ho.... I don't understand how come Nikon in Brunei don't have like them (canon) got this kind of launching new camera one lah? and who is the main distributor for Nikon in Brunei kan?  
where is the Nikon D4 and D800 can let me try out???
I think also better convert myself to Canon kaki liao lah, Where got special discount for the Mark III??? I want!!!