Beach Bunch Earth Day CleanUp 2012

Two years ago when my first time joining the Beach Bunch for a beach cleanup at the Pantai Meragang if I wasn't wrong is was like 15 people(see the video here)
Yesterday I saw 742 volunteers showing their care to our Brunei's beach came for the Earth Day Clean Up at the Jerudong Beach!!! This peoples are Wonderful plus Beautiful and so Powerful with in less than 2 hours saga the beach clean clean and wet wet!!!! Why wet wet??? Because the sky saying we all don't want to be hot so it rain!!!! Everyone enjoy the rain especially me I'm Singing In The Rain!!!
And also we yesterday we had the Ministry of Development, Malaysia's celebrity came for the cleanup too!!!  
I would like to thanks all the people came for this event making our beaches clean and enjoyable!!!
Next year let's do for 1000 volunteers!!! Wu wu.......

Yang Berhomat Phin Orang Kaya Indera Pahlawan Dato Seri Setia Awang Haji Suyoi Osman

TL: Abang Zainal...... can I have you sunglass ka?? Coz this one really old skoll lah no way can find it in Brunei anymore!!!
ZA: Yeah..... you wish!!!!

Nice to meet you madam!!! Your Abang handsome kali yah....boleh!!!!

Look at them so cute!!! They all deserve to have a clean beaches!!!

The fisherman's fish net is one of the major problem at the beach here!!! buang buang buang saja...

Thank you Mr.Bakers for the Beach Bunch's Beach Bun!!!!

And also thanks to Pg Hj Mohd Isman Hisham Pg Hj Othman for sponsoring Zainal Abidin came to Brunei for the clean up!!!