Congratulation to Concepts Computer's 13th Anniversary

When I look at this photo I baru realize that one thing.... Their have the Most staff of all the computer shop in Brunei!!!! Am I correct or not? I don't see other other computer shop got that much one even I am a Apple fans and I also don't see local apple shop got like that!!!
Congratulation to Vincent Pao, to the staffs and managements, 13 years really not easy man... Don't forget to invite me your next 13 years anniversary lagi oh!!!!

Serial Or Series?????

Teachers....... where are you???? I need back to school!!!!
My life getting hard time to understand english again... Looks like my time studies English in the school now like no pakai one!!! First is Kindergarten and Kindergarden, second is Wonder and Wander now is the Serial and Series!!!!
Last night me and my family watching the Astro channel there is a program about Singapore's Tv award live!!! When the time announces the Best Drama Series surprisingly I see the back led screen showing as Best Drama Serial. 
Serial???? not Series kah??? All this time I watch the Korea, Japan, Hongkong Series is not series... now is called Serial????
I not school high high... so don't blame me Ok!!! I just want to learn saja!!!
What to do.... during school time teacher ask me to study I go play Guli...  now old already guli all gone and have to back to school lo!!!

Pump Up The Jam... Pump It Up!!!! look what I found today!!!! This thing is selling in one of the shop at Gadong which is just next to the restaurant who 1st serve Kueh Teow Ayam Penyet.
If you still don't know where ( answer is in TigerLim fans page)
I don't know who much this thing sell and don't dare to open to see inside coz it say Please Don't Open! Maybe after open people may want to try on the spot kali....hahahahahah

Ok I know you people sure say.... "Wah" or "OMG" one right..... Hey what is wrong with this things? There is nothing salah of it!! It may be not for use by lady to enlarge their susu ok!! Is may be is for use those backache "Buang Angin" kali..... hahahah
So anyone got interested to buy one of this to try at home? hahahaha.... Look at the box packaging say
"Family Are Essential, Good Companion of Health" hahahaha

Fiber To The Home

This is the FTTH at the moment I hear only available in Mumong area like that but I sure soon is coming to town... So glad to see this thing are staring install in my kampong area!!!
So what is this FTTH? FTTH mean Fiber To The Home in the other hand mean Faster internet speed than we using now the Copper telephone line!
I really hope that this system really can be much better, stable and faster than what I have it right now with the Broadband. For more info you can check it out Telbru FTTH

Me And My Wife Almost Killed At This Morning!

This post have been taken down and the video too. After I had posted in my blog with in 2 hours I received call and message about the car driver, car belong to which company, the contact number and email. 
With in the 4 hours, the driver called me for deeply apologize. I accepted his sorry and agree to taking down the post and video!
Chances has given and he had learn the lesson. 
Special thank for all my readers that kindly give me the information of the car and driver.
We must know who how to apologize and forgive!!!! 
Again... Please remember to drive safe..... Walaupun you are in HURRY but drive faster that's only can save your time 5 to 10 minutes only. To risk you LIFE just for that small small amount of time...totally not worth it!!!!

Rieko Ayumi Visit Brunei

You don't know her right!!!! Ya same same me too... I also don't know her. Rieko Ayumi just came to visit Brunei few days ago and last night I had dinner together with her new friends from Brunei. 
At first is like that one..... Me and wife makan at Sweet Lemongrass new branch at Delima there, then suddenly my buddy came in to the restaurant and bring her makan there too. So alang-alang I just offer them eat together with my wife lah. Then my friend introduce her to me I baru tau she is not an ordinary normal japan girl who visiting here.  
Rieko Ayumi has almost travel the half of the planet earth already... she had travel 87 countries from the day 1 she started her backpacker journey until now. She not only like to travel.... she also a travel writer, reporter and actress too. 
You can try to visit her Rieko Ayumi official website if you know how to read japanese lah hehehe, If you don't know how to read then click HERE to visit the translate site. 
Don't play play ah.... Her site minimum can have 10 thousands visiting per DAY!!! 
My god.... it my also can have like that...mmmmmm kaya sudah I!!!!

Nice to meet you Rieko and welcome to Brunei!!!

Click image for more info about the ticket

New Lemongrass Restaurant Delima Branch

I'm sure everyone of you familiar with the Lemongrass Thai Food Restaurant at kiulap one right!!! Now they have another new branch just open last month at the Delima there. Is not that hard to find one... It located same simpang with the Fitness Zone in front the DST outlet at the second floor one... aiya sure easy find one lah if cannot find call me I show you where and you belanja me makan there!!!!

First thing I love about the restaurant is the view when you sit next to the window especially the first seat! You have a nice panorama view of the complex and also the seat it awesome can easily fit 4 person in a row. In a table can sit 8 people easily no problem.

Lets talk about the foods , there is 2 dishes I like to highlight here... First is their new dish call "Stir Fried Lamd with Black sauce Serai" It is nice and I haven't try this any restaurant here in Brunei.
Next is the "Thai Spaghetti" 
yes I no salah.... is thai style spaghetti taste just a bit spicy, is nice but I don't think kids gonna like it lah!!! But I kinda like it coz is new and I never try this even in Italian cuisine.

Last..... is this if you dare to try. I suggest you must have a strong digestion if not better just see your friends makan saja. I like very much and I remember the first time I had this is in Bangoko. The also have it for crab too but here only have Prawn. This is raw prawn just like to have Sashimi!!! If you are new for this and want to try it "Fresh Raw Prawn Salad" make sure you just order a small one first, if you don't like it ask them to steam it cook!!! hehehe

Then the rest of the foot I order one I'm sure some of you people are already try it too but anyway I just share the pictures here and not much mention about the reviews lah but one thing do try out their 3 drinks... Thai Ice Coffee, Thai Ice Milk Tea and the last Guava Soursop... nice!

Tom Yum Clear.

Chicken Ball Tanghoon

Deep Fried Century Egg

The famous lemongrass's Tom Yam Soup.

Four District Famous Foods!!!

So what do you say, Do you agree?
Temburong - Cendol, 
Brunei-Muara - Nasi Katok,
 Tutong - Kuih Panggang, 
Seria - Kolomee,
 Kuala Belait - Rojak.
Now let's vote your answer on the left!!!

Roti Kahwin Kacang

Recently I saw many people post this RKK in the Facebook sharing with friends and said very good lah.... very nice lah like that!!! This bun only have in Chop Jing Chew. I sure everyone are familiar with is kopitiam right!!! Everyone got there sure order their Roti Kuning one... but few weeks ago they have this new bun call Roti Kahwin Kacang and every Hu Hu Ha Ha it in fb. Then today finally I purposely went there and try it out. 
2pm I already there coz I takut out of stock so I go there early! As usual I got me favorite tea tarik and this bun!!!
Now let make it short with the review lah ok...... No doubt it is Super YUMMY as what people said in the FB. When my first bite is just like when your first time you have you ICE-CREAM!!!!!
At first you curious about it and just a second you telling yourself you LOVE it!!!!!
I'm not kidding Bruther..... once you try it you know what I mean!!!! It just a simple peanut bun cut into half and put a piece of butter and spread with Kaya!!!! This 3 thing together is a PERFECT COMBINATION. I open it into half and eat the one side peanuts., it wasn't KICK at all.. and the same thing to the other side kaya and butter. But once again mix with this 3 things together just like the your FIRST LOVE it coming back again!!!
I ate 2 buns and tapao 5 buns home. Say true true one lah.... tapao wasn't that good at all as what you have there in their shop. Must eat fresh fresh one coz once you tapao the butter melt and the feeling of the bun is gone!!!
Is been a long time I didn't eat such a awesome foods sudah!!! Thanks to the person who come out this bun and this is really nice and awesome!!!! Guys... you must try it one time in your life man!!!! After you makan I'm sure you not going to order their Roti Kuning anymore!!!! I strongly recommended this bun to you all... If I'm a oversea food's magazine journalist, I 100% write about this bun and mark it as "Asian Top Ten Best Bun" one!!!! Don't play play is really nice lah!!!

Brunei 1800 Sunset

Last night I created a group in my Facebook named "Brunei 1800 Sunset". The reason why I create this is because I myself also like to take sunset photo and last night I saw 3 of my friends posting sunset photo in their fb, then I have this little idea of isn't it awesome to have a window that I can see different places view of the Brunei's sunset in a same time??? So I make this "Brunei 1800 Sunset", 1800 is the time which mean that is 6pm not the 1800 mp or the numbers of photos!!!! Is six o'clock in evening ok!!!

After I create this group less than 2 hours already got people posting the photos and every photo really looking awesome!!!!
Talk true true now lah ha....... I still think that Brunei have the best Sunset in the world. we not need expensive digital camera to take sunset picture here or do any editing/photoshop with the picture also can have a very nice sunset photo sudah!!! Don't you agree??? And even we doesn't need to drive all the way until the beach there and see sunset, some time just go out side your office, window, backyard, car park, highway, padang, toilet, kampong air.... as long as can see the sky, anyway also got chances to see a magnificent sunset here in Brunei!!!
So Bruther come and join me and share your sunset today!!!! 

This group is open for public, if you also like to share your Sunset picture you are welcome. Just go Facebook look for Brunei 1800 Sunset and ask me for inviting you!!!
At the moment now I only open for posting Brunei Sunset saja!!! Even Kuala Lurah or Sungai Tujuh border also no pakai!!!! heheheh see lah if already chop passport passing brunei kastam can lah!!!

Remember no Nudity or any other some S%#T photos posting there, I'll tarus delete and kick you out from the group.. Don't play play ya!!!!

This is one of the Sunset I love by Fadilah. I turn it up side down, isn't it look like a space station above the earth?
Look.... this one I just use my iPhone and taken outside from my house and no need edit!!! Wonderful plus Beautiful right!!! 

Beach Bunch Earth Day CleanUp 2012

Two years ago when my first time joining the Beach Bunch for a beach cleanup at the Pantai Meragang if I wasn't wrong is was like 15 people(see the video here)
Yesterday I saw 742 volunteers showing their care to our Brunei's beach came for the Earth Day Clean Up at the Jerudong Beach!!! This peoples are Wonderful plus Beautiful and so Powerful with in less than 2 hours saga the beach clean clean and wet wet!!!! Why wet wet??? Because the sky saying we all don't want to be hot so it rain!!!! Everyone enjoy the rain especially me I'm Singing In The Rain!!!
And also we yesterday we had the Ministry of Development, Malaysia's celebrity came for the cleanup too!!!  
I would like to thanks all the people came for this event making our beaches clean and enjoyable!!!
Next year let's do for 1000 volunteers!!! Wu wu.......

Yang Berhomat Phin Orang Kaya Indera Pahlawan Dato Seri Setia Awang Haji Suyoi Osman

TL: Abang Zainal...... can I have you sunglass ka?? Coz this one really old skoll lah no way can find it in Brunei anymore!!!
ZA: Yeah..... you wish!!!!

Nice to meet you madam!!! Your Abang handsome kali yah....boleh!!!!

Look at them so cute!!! They all deserve to have a clean beaches!!!

The fisherman's fish net is one of the major problem at the beach here!!! buang buang buang saja...

Thank you Mr.Bakers for the Beach Bunch's Beach Bun!!!!

And also thanks to Pg Hj Mohd Isman Hisham Pg Hj Othman for sponsoring Zainal Abidin came to Brunei for the clean up!!!

This is what you call "You Clean I Throw, You Not Clean I Also Throw!!!. Not Matter What I Still Throw, If I Don't Here Where Do I Throw? No Way I Throw In Front My Door So Better I Throw In Front Your Door!!!"

This is located at the Gadong Manglait near the Warisan Complex there. I saw this last two week already and yesterday I pass my there and is getting worst!!! I not sure this area is it a dumping or not but anyway this is not the right way to do so!!!
This area from the Warisan Complex until the Mum Bakery all the building surrounding cleanness and hygiene really bad!!! Every parking area surely can see plastic bottles and papers! Especially the Sing Yu Mei that block wah friend so Jialat one.. Longkang blocked and rubbish every way!!! Among the gadong area where are the worst one!! I have a friend own a salon at that area and every time peoples who stay at that area always went to his back door of the shop and throw rubbish there, less than a week a little hill of rubbish already create. This thing make him cannot tahan and he decide to move his business to other place!!!
 Who is responsible behind of this??? If is in other country the building owner already kana saman thousands times sudan!!! Jialat lah.... what is wrong with this people!!!! If I can give saman I think one day I can earn thousand dollars there...Awesome!!!

Yes He Is Coming For Our "Earth Day Clean Up"

Yahoo........ Thanks for the sponsors and make this happening!!!! Again Zainal Abidin confirm coming to Brunei, and this time he and his wife taking part as a volunteer for the "Earth Day Clean Up" on the 22nd April @ 8am Jerudong Beach this coming Sunday.
Awesome!!!!! Can't wait to meet him again Bruther!!!! I think I'm gonna put his song "Hijau" in my iPod and play for the clean up....heheheheh

Empire Hotel's Roundabout Also Kana!!!!

Seriously..... what is wrong with this people kan!!!!! I really don't understand why they like to suka-suska hati buang rubbish ??? Are this people really stupid don't know where to throw they rubbish or too smart that they know someone surely one day will clean their SHIT!!!!!
Now even the Empire Hotel's roundabout also kana target!!!! Come lah please....... this is really OVER sudan lah!!! Empire Hotel is a landmark or Brunei, tourists from oversea come here everyday, you buang in your kampong I don't mind lah but don't choose this kind of  place where visitors can see ma!!!
Cilaka one banar...... this one really piss me off!!!!
Click on the image for more info about the tickets

BMW Got My Name!!!!

I just notice that the BMW's steering got my family's name LIM on the one of the button!!!! 
This is making those Tan, Wong, Lee, Ong, Chang, Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So...... jealous kan kan kan....hahahah. No sure is all the BMW have this or not, If I'm not salah the 3 and 1 series don't have this.
Don't know what is that function for, kalau nada salah I think is for cruise control one lah. Anyway.... it is great to see got a LIM on it!!! Not awesome.... is LimSome!!!!!!