Yam Yam KFC

This restaurant near my kampong here. It just few meter away from the Peugeot's show room so is not so hard to find this place. You see the car wash service near the road to Peugeot show room there... then you can see Yam Yam KFC one... If still cannot find then you have to roll down your car window and smell here got fried chicken smell come from lah!!!

Yam Yam KFC the KFC is not mean my Kentucky Fried Chicken, here is mean Korean Fried Chicken.
There serve their special korean fried chicken. If you like Korean's food then you may like their foods too. Me I'm not a korean foods fans... I came here to try their food is because my wife she like korean foods. So be a nice husband I have to company her loh... In fact I'm the one who found this restaurant in the local food blog so I show her where can try new korean foods.

This restaurant really not like those ordinary korean food style restaurant. It more look like a Fast Food restaurant. With the menu on top the casher. Nice idea I like it! 
I didn't order much of their foods, cos I'm not sure nice or not. So we just try a little bit first if is good so next time we come again and try others.
I found the foods here are good but I don't understand why my sister in law said not good she still prefer the one at Kiulap one... Me and my wife find ok here maybe as what people say... Everyone have their own taste.

I like their Kids foods, I order one of that for my daughter and she like it too guess what it only cost $2.00 worth to eat man...... I love my Special Dinner and is delicious but their KFC..... not so impress me loh. 
Their kimchi and kimchi soup is good I'm sure came here again next time...of coz because my wife lah!