Tomorrow 8:30pm-9:30pm

Yes tomorrow is the Earth Hour again. Feel like the last year we did at Serasa Beach wasn't not so long ago one. Again this year we Beach Bunch do it a Merangang Beach.
Of coz we not the only NGO who do this every year, My house,UBD, Toyota NBT, HSBC, Empire Hotel and many more also participate this awesome world event. Hopefully this year got more people taking part of this.

Few days ago I was taking about this Earth Hour thing with my friend and we discuss if we have save enough money maybe we can try to fly over to Sydney and go to the world 1st Earth Hour where it come from. Sounds like we go the holy land of Lights Off City...Lol
Of coz that's is just a talk talk thing lah.. If got sponsor lagi soik man!!!
So are you ready for this switch off your house's lights just for an hour? It start from 8:30pm end 9:30pm. Spend a dark night and look at the sky maybe you can see UFO kali!!!