The RoomZ Hotel Official Launch Tomorrow

I already wanted to visit this hotel since last year when it haven't finish build. Yeah.... today I finally got the opportunity to visit here and see see look look. Actually I was invited to attend their official launch at tomorrow one but I got a event to handle at the Empire Hotel after that finish have to go Jerudong and backup backstage at the Mahar Zain concert so I have to make it one day early to see the RoomZ Hotel how it look like inside.
I heard some people said the view from the balcony are very nice especially the sea view. I went up until the roof top and see it personal..... Yes it is really awesome! The staff told me that the Sunset view lagi Best!!! I believe that... no doubt our Brunei's sunset is always the best one!
On the other side of the Seria town view too bad you cannot see from the room only can view from the corridor small windows, Unless you got the permission from the hotel's management green light go up the roof top and see the whole view of Seria Town lah!!!
So at the moment RoomZ Hotel is the highest building in Seria Town. I think is the twice the high of Seria Plaza that's why when the moment I took the picture on the roof top I feel that my leg like not as strong as on the ground. Every step I walk also feel like my legs very heavy there. Ya lah ya lah... I got  a bit takut lah!!!

Ok about the rooms they have 46 rooms, 6 single room (single bed), 40 standard room (Queen Bed)
All room got free internet, mini bar's drinks and snack are all free.... good right!!!
View good, room good, location also good.... 2 minutes walk to eat seria kolomee also can heheheh!

The logo was designed by the hotel's manager Mr. Jeffrey Chung.

RoomZ Hotel's lobby.

Free wifi internet here and the lobby

This is how their standard room look like!!!

I like their toilet's design. 

This is highest bird view of Seria Town you can see here on the roof top!!! Some people live here for 50 year also never see the whole view of the town live.

This is how exactly you only can see like this from the corridor's windows 

Too bad I can't wait until the sunset if not this picture guaranty nicer one!!! 

 The RoomZ's room rate!!!