Polishing Is Tougher Than Bakery

In my life.. I love to learn things.... This few year I learned how to play Ukulele, Photography, Blogging,    HTML, Video Editing etc etc..... Again now addicted to learn how to do Car Treatment!
Dulu-dulu I do waxing car only take 2 to 3 hours saja. Start from 3 pm, wash, vacuum and clean the car then waxing by 6:30pm already can finish. But this days people requirement standard getting higher and higher. If still using the old skool way today where can cari makan! 

I recently learning how to do SPA for the car. Last time I never know "Polishing" and Waxing is a different things. And no one teach us what is the correct way to Shining the car one... Now then I know the way I last time do one is all wrong.
Who's car want to let me experiment? Please don't hesitate and let me do!!!! hahahahah!!!!
I spend 8 hours to clean my friend's car I notice that Polishing car this job is tougher than a Bakery!!! If any Bakery shop think that is not true.... Please invite me to your shop, I don't might to come to your shop see and learn how to bake roti too!!! hehehe
I still need to learn how to go for expert stage!!! Now I still learning bruther! Maybe one day I can do Door-to-Door car SPA service earn extra income also not bad too!!!