Outside Is More Exciting Then Inside

In fact I want to watch this final match Brunei vs Indonesia at home one. I have bet with my 3 maid at home for if we Brunei win they all have to buy me Nasi Katok and if Indonesia win I buy them Ayam Penyet. But last minute I received a call that I got a job at the national stadium to take care the LCD projector. So went there and watch the match.
It was so exciting to watch it live there... so many people came to support the country. In fact I'm not a football fans as you know but the moment you was there.. don't like football you also become support them Brunei team. I am support the Brunei but my place to jaga the screen is Indonesia's supporter more then Brunei's supporter.
It was really fun to watch the Indonesia peoples how they sing and dance to support their team.
Brunei supporter also not bad but I like more the Indonesia people do the Dangdut!!!

Yeah.... the victory is on our side and we 2-0 beat them down. The match is awesome and so excited but true true one lah..... My side here are more siok then people at the front gate there and inside the stadium.
I witness the Plastic Bottle War in between the team supporter. One from the ground and One from the top inside the stadium.
At first before the kickoff we already have fun together outside here. When the kickoff started everyone sit down and watch the big screen. Once the Brunei had the first goal and the plastic bottle war started. 
I watch the whole scenario and record it. At first is the someone from the top throw down a plastic bottle to the ground people and that's the war started! Check it out the video below Bruther!!!