The New iPad & iPhone5 Available For Hell

Wah..... so fast jau, we haven't got it here and now already available for the hell people sudah... Steady!
Last weekend I went to Miri and saw the "Pray Shop" selling all kind of stuff for the pass away people.
From the luxury house and car to the cheapo grocery item macam-macam ada!!! Hell money from 100,000 to 100,000,000,000,000,000,000 also have!!!
The only thing I don't see that is "Medicine" 
Is it that mean people after died are not going to sick anymore? I guess so!
So the “Qing Ming" is coming soon so the Chinese is the one year one time visit the cemetery and pray for their love one who pass away.
Hopefully is not a hot sunny day or raining day lah!!!

BMW, M-Benz, Mini, T-Alphard macam-macam ada!!!

I wonder Kuala Lurah got this or not ho!!!!! hahaha