My New Gadget Micro Lens

I bought this lens few days ago and I hope this is my last lens for my D90 lah hehehe.. 
Hopefully I can buy the D800 if I have a enough budget lah this year!
So about this 40mm... mmmm yeah as say by the reviews for taking Micro photo wasn't that convenient loh... Have to go very close to the subject baru tah can get what you want! If you want to use this lens for taking insects I think sebelum you click the shutter button already fly far far sudah loh!
But other than that the rest it should be Ok. It got the 2.8 f is good enough for taking Bokehlicious picture. Me now slowly getting understanding this lens and try to take more picture using this in my blog. Here are some photo I took by using this Micro lens.




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