Miri Dim Sum

You thing I'm going to talk about the Miri's Dim Sum is it? heheheh no this time you wrong!
I'm not going to have their Dim Sum review.... I'm just want to talk about the Dim Sum culture between Brunei and Miri. 
Last Sunday I went to Miri for shopping with my wife and mother in law. When I time we reached there is about 9 something and we went to one of this restaurant having Dim Sum there. 
This is my first time I hang out with the Miri people makan Dim Sum. We find a table right on the corner and sit down then order the food. 
Everything looks a same like our Chinese in Brunei having Dim Sum like at the Lucky Restaurant or Phong Mam Lou! Family enjoy the meal, Chit Chat, talk loud, Kids running around.... nothing special one.... 
But right after when I almost wanted to pay the bill the time I notice one thing Miri people don't have like we Brunei do!!!!
This restaurant have more than 50 tables and I don't see any one bring "Maid"!!!!!
None of a single family bring their maid together sit down and eat Dim Sum with them one?
If us.... you see 10 out of 4 sure got maid there and jaga their anak!!!
This is only thing I found Miri people different from our here!!! If you don;t believe me... next time you go there and see yourself lah!!!