Kaiz Cuisine

I finally went to try their foods with my wife last week after they had opened about 2 months ago!!! Their restaurant are located at Manglait just next to the Babu's Kitchen. I remember in the some social media got people giving not so good comments about this restaurant which is just same as like the Secret Recipe. People complaint it bad service, foods come slow, not so nice the food compare with this/that restaurant etc etc.... 
This is quite common you see people say like that once a new restaurant open. I have done several restaurants reviews when it just open but after few day i received reader comments it say Lauya lah... Not good lah.... Pui.... lol. 
As I said before, everyone have their own favorites.... couldn't be everyone love the same food unless it really really tasty lah. 
So this day I seldom go do review or introduce a restaurant when it just open hot hot... Now I prefer be a reader or after people talk talk- eat eat then I go try. I prefer try it see is it "That Good" or "That Bad" loh!
If is good I talk.... Not good one then "bye bye" try your best next time!

Ok about this "KAIZ" maybe as the name is "KAIZ Cuisine". I personally don't think is a 100% Japanese cuisine.. I feel like is a fusion things lah... I order several dishes and some of it taste like Chinese food and Western food. Like their Fried Rice the taste exactly like a chinese style although it looks like the typical Japanese fried rice. The good thing is it still taste good lah... if is look good only then bye bye try your best next time in my blog.
Overall KAIZ's foods is good, it wasn't that bad as I read in facebook comments lah. If you are a person care accept new food then KAIZ Cuisine I think you can give a try.

I like this dishes but I don't like the sauce cover up the whole piece of the steak. If they separate the sauce into another side or small plate it will much batter so I can taste the original taste of the beef and the different with the sauce.

I don't remember what is this called. Look like a japanese food but taste like a chinese food.
lol I like it as well as my wife!

To know they serve foods fresh or not is very simply, Just order little bit of this Salmon Sashimi and you'll know the whole story. This is my way every time my first testing a new Japanese restaurant. 

I don't know you guys lah... But I think the price is accepted and reasonable loh!!!