Is Time To Say Good Bye

Jialat....... No wonder why my Macbook macam like gila gila there every time I update my blog when I do the typing. It keep on highlight or back to the previous page. At first I thought that my Mac kana virus or Hacking sudah. Then slowly I notice that my track pad why cannot click anymore, Lupanya is my batter rosak and gambang and that's is why kana press my track pad from bottom!
Lucky it didn't Burn or Explode!!! This is the 1st time I see Laptop's battery like that!!! 
If is after market one.. I understand lah!!! But one is originally from Apple also like that... mmm I got a bit disappointed lah! 
I use this Macbook got almost 4 years already, I know this time to rosak but I didn't expected it rosak in this way! 
Whatever is that... "Old one no go, New one no Come" I'm not going to get a new battery for it, I prefer it rosak the whole Macbook so I got excuse for myself to get a new iMac or Pro!!!