I'm Not A Good Driver!!!

Yes... is true!!!! I'm not a good driver!! I don't know how to Mad, Horn or Swear on some people who are really good in driving! I wish I have the guts like you people dare to Horn those King of The Road or roll down your window and give them your finger!!!
I only can post my videos and words in my blog and this is the only way I can breath another fresh air again!!!! 
Honestly I'm not really support the new idea of cutting points things if the driver have done salah on the road. I say is better "Retake" the driving test lagi better!!! Coz people are not afraid of Saman one.... People are only afraid in Trouble saja!!!! Anyone caught on the Speeding, Red Light, Fail Parking, Accident etc all kana call masuk take driving test again... See like that baru ya!!! They already fail on the road shouldn't let this people easy on the road again... Let them take the test again until they know what is right what is wrong!
Driving is not FOLLOW YOUR MOOD!! Is Follow the Rules!!!!
This day many people driving using their mood one and that's is why people said "Suka-Suka Hati" bah!!!

In this video lucky my babies sit together with my maid not falling from the seat... if that time my babies palanting coz I brake hard to avoid accident, this two driving going to say "Hi" to my camera!!!!