I Test Drive PriusC

I finally got a change to test drive the new Prius C at the NBT. 
Really siok man this car... When staring the engine is more silence than I switch on my room aircon. Seriously I don't hear any sound come out from the engine bay unless you step on some more fuel then baru can hear that engine is running.
So fat this is the cheapest Hybrid car in town. $39k OTR but of coz got discount one lah.
I was told by the salesgirl this car full tank can run more than 900km.. this is awesome man!!! 
If I own one of this car I think me one month only visit the fuel station 2 time saja...hahahah
About the power of coz cannot compare with my 2.0 car lah.. of coz this car is not for power one lah is for save fuel and their technology. But when I test drive it with 3 passenger and out the simpang... hey not bad leh I under estimate her! I feel it like got my another car 1.8 Chevrolet Orlando power there. This is worth to buy it you everyday driving car here and there like do sale one. If for me like a family man then I a bit too small for me loh! Unless got hatchback version then ok I love to have one!

If I still a bujang I sure get one. This car is more suitable for the young generation lah. Is has a few fancy color and I myself like the blue one.
Don'y play play.... this car not only is Clean but also Clever too. It can record and understand how the driver drive. When I test drive this car I see my record I only got 58/100 which mean that my style and attitude not so really qualified as a Green man to drive coz I drive like got a bit aggressive and brake a bit hard in every go and stop. This car really a smart car I like it. If Beach Bunch member everyone buy one of this car it will be awesome lah!!! Right Bruther!!!