I Guess That's Is Why....

That day I'm thinking why women driving car not as good as men. Navigation and Handling always are the major problem for them. For several times of thinking I think I got the answers...
Women not good on driving wasn't their problems...... They have nothing wrong about it!! So stop blaming them Ok!!! 
So who's false is that? Is their parents!!! Parents only train they son to learn how to drive a car since from a little boy but never train their daughter! You see.... parents only buy car toys to their son and never buy for their daughter one... Correct right!!! So how do you expected the little girls grow up the time can drive a car as good as like a man?
Tell me which parent have ever buy a Remote Control Car for their daughter one? No right!!! They only buy for their son... So man dari dulu dulu already know or expert how to control a car sudah bah!!! Of coz we men are very good in driving lah!
So to train your woman as a good driver have to start from early stage!!! Buy a remote control car for your daughter now like me... I bought a Mini for my 1st daughter.
I got this solution is because one day I saw my daughter and nieces toys bah... All girl's toys in the room, not even a single toy is for boy. So I thinking to get her a RC and hope she gonna like it. As I expected she like it a lot and started slowly know how to controlling it. Of coz keep on langga the wall lah...
Hopefully one day she can drive like her father me!!!hehehe

My daughter's first accident. Her Mini's headlight broken after 5 minutes test drive!!!