I tell you one of my story about the badminton, but before that I have to tell you that I'm not a big fans of football/soccer and is hard for me to like it in my life.
 So if you ask me about English Premier League, sorry lah I have no idea what teams it have inside there, who play in what team bla bla bla... I totally don't know one. Even David Beckham now in what FC I also have no idea but I know do he is in M.U before. 

If you ask me about the football it just same thing you ask a man about Bra! What is Magic Bra, Wonder Bra, Push Up Bra, Open front, Open Back, got Jelly one no jelly one, half cup, full cup, quarter cup, ABCEFG cup......... WalauEh so many type and knowledge about the bra how to remember oh???
I don't know about it but doesn't mean I hate it lah
    I know nothing about football but I do watch World Cup every 4 year and I like to see who is the winner. For me football same as like a bra.... Once in a while man like to see girls wearing sexy bra!!! Right!

I have a lot of chinese friends they like to watch football.... I can say is almost all of them of them. Every Saturday night our gathering drinking section they always watch the Astro football channel and is for many year already. Until now I still don't understand why I don't love watching football match like they do?
I think maybe is because I'm not a Ball lover lah. From the school time I already like that.... Any sport or game comes with the ball one I also not interested. 
Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Bowling, Ping Pong, Snooker, Tennis, Golf...... all this sport I also not interested. 
There is one time one of my friend and his wife ask me "So what type of sport do I like?" 
Well.... I do play badminton with my kampong gangs when I was young. Every night we all hang up at one of our friend's house which got a badminton court there. I also even joined my school's badminton tournament so I guess I love Badminton then.
Then my friend's wife ask me isn't that is a ball also? 
Then I tarus answer her this
 "Shuttlecock is a cock not a ball, I play Cock but not the Balls" 
Sometime I speak too fast and never think, and this is also one of  my bad habit lah from dulu dulu.
I can't help it... it just all of sudden come out from my mouth. Of coz my friend and his wife didn't mad about this lah.... everyone was laughing. 

Sometime jokes are good but also got a limit... sometime too much peoples may not can take it and also and it could be get you in trouble too.
For someone who like to make joke out there and please think that is it your joke are funny or not. In the cyber world lagi is not funny.
FYI even you delete in your Blog, FB, Twitter, Forum, Chat Room or website is still there in the INTERNET. The data, pictures, videos apa saja you ever posted in the internet it always in there and is easily to retrieve it back!!! 
So better don't play play lah.... Think twice before twitter it. Sad to hear for someone who never think and play play there.