DreamZ Wedding & Life Style Xpo

Planning to kahwin this year??? Then you should come here and check out this Xpo at the Berakas Indoor Stadium. DreamZ Wedding & Life Style Xpo just launched yesterday and is held for 4 days there. Me already kahwin so not interested those wedding stuff lah.. unless my wife allow me merry a "Small Three" lah!!!hehehe
So beside the wedding Xpo there also have Life Style too... Cars, Health, Fashion etc.... 
One booth that really make me goosebumps are the Leech!!! They using the leech to suck your bloods for some kind of health treatment like that lah. They say for those who got diabetes one is good for them oh.... Me also not so sure about the info coz I see the leech also Gali sudah and run away no time to really ask about it. 
So do go check it out if you free free got nothing to do lah!!!  

Nak Kahwin?

Who drive my car here???

Do you dare to try once?

This is limit distance to take this picture!!!

Wanna learn how to taking photo? Check out their booth or log on their website!!!!