Do We Still Have Tp Pay If Broke It?

" Good To See, Nice To Touch. Once it Broke Is Consider Sold"
This is a familiar slogan you always can see in the department store or the gift shops there.
But how bout this kind of shop or those Xpo booth they put their toys on the floor? If you step on and broken it do you think we still should pay for it?
Kalau aku I'm not going to pay it if I step on them, Better that I didn't fall down, if I palantin jialat lah the shop!!!
Is true bah... When and how sudden they have the right to but their goods on where the shopper walk kah? Isn't it this is some kind of Trap for the shopper? This thing have to stop for safety reason lah come on!!! What if someone grandfather step on it and Palanting fall down and kana stroke? 
Then who to blame? Blame the Grandfather eat too much Ayam Goreng lah right?