Who Kill MMS?

Seriously this day who still need to use feature "MMS" again?
 I myself almost got 4 years not using it already and I don't think I wanna use it in future too. 
I think in future MMS and SMS could be gonna kick out in Smart Phone industry too.
 Of coz SMS maybe still can survive for few more year lagi lah but MMS i don't think so can live anymore longer.Just like the Pager... who still carry this toy right???? 

So who is behind this making the MMS and SMS dying? Social Media, Facebook, WhatsApps is the killer!!!
Just last year saja... all this apps kill the world mobile operators losing 13.9 Billions dollars just in the SMS revenue !!! Can you believe that? That is really a lot of money bruther!! This is crazy!!!! 
If in future we use the mobile phone just need the line, Not making SMS or Call anymore what do you think is gonna happen??? We just need the phone to online or hook up with the WiFi ( which is what we doing right now daily) Sure the company die one lah!!!

Is true one bah.... think about it all this Smart Phone ( iPhone, HTC, Samsung) don't know one day will kill the mobile operator or not oh!!! With all this apps Whatsapps, Viber, Skype, Facetime, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc...already more than enough for use to communicated and unite to each other!
Mobile Phone kill Beeper, Email kill Fax, Smart Phone kill Mobile Operator...hahaha now that is hilarious....

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