Truly Hardcore

You think I want to do this ka!!! 
Me have "No Choice"!!!!!
You think I am Stupid meh???
I also know this is Dangerous too!!!!
I also have Father, Mother, Wife and Children need to makan one!!!
This is My Job!!! I am a Truck Driver, I Pick Up goods and deliver!!!!
My boss tell me Go here, I go... Go there... I go there!!!!
If kana Saman my Boss Pay lah!!!!
I know if when the lorry drop from my lorry are going to cause a serious trouble to other road user....
Sorry loh... I also don't want this to be happen.
Me no school high high and work in the office,
I'm just a truck Driver!!!! 

Your boss tell you go eat shit you also eat lah???

Seriously I personal think this is kinda Indirectly Murdering other road user! 
Not need to think also know is Over weight lah right!!! The upper lorry already got how many Tons sudah!!! Like that still want to pick up and drive on the road. If kill someone or one whole small family.... All it can do with the driver is "Sorry"
Sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry say 8 times also tak pakai lah!!
Super Junior come and help you sing also no use lah!!!

I understand that is your job, Your boss tell you to do and you have to do. But "Responsibility" is still you yourself. Any thing happen legal law still give to you not your boss!!! You still can refuses to do so one uncle!!!
Hello..... you think you in China ka?? Can do like this