Susu Cap Ibu

I don't care if I get a saman from a road block or what so ever... I still want to put this symbol and cover up my 3rd roll seat windows. I have no choice.... Coz this is the only way I can do for my wife and baby a private place to do the breast feeding when is outside.
We found  big hard time for breast feeding our Eva at outside especially at Shopping Mall or Restaurant.
Every time when she hungry and cry the time. When we makan or shopping... sorry lah everything must shop and back to the car just for feeding her. Funny thing is people pass by our car some people like to see you and looking at you in car see what you do one... Do few time people pass by and see my wife breast feeding I can see they are Malu and walk away faster. Now I cover up the last window so my wife can enjoy her privacy moment with my Eva. 

Here are not like other country that are so convenient got breast feeding from at any shopping mall. Even  at a restaurant if you want to request a room for breast feeding your baby they also have to make one for you. Here are hardly to find. So far I only see 4 place got like this facilities allow you to change your baby diapers. Mangrove Resort restaurant at Kota Batu,  Maggis Hua Ho, Times Square and Ripas got only.... 

Our MoH are strongly recommended we parents to give more breast milk for the baby form years ago. 
And I read in newspaper number are increase now parents are doing breast feeding this days (here).
Why not try to give some place/room for those mummies and babies? 
Do you see the Baby's Cloths shop here got this kind of facilities too? No right!  Funny isn't it!!
I'm sure we are not the only parents got this problem here. If you want to have the sticker you can download from here
Bring it to any sticker shop and ask them to cut for you.