River Over River, Possible???

My auntie share this link on her FB.
Do you think this photo is real? No right.... Me also!!! Me at first also think that just another photoshop edit stuff lah.  But after few questions for myself I decide to check see is this thing real or not.
Just a few second and click I found it in the net and is real!!! Why the world I never see this?
And this is not new... how come I don't know about it!!! 
If my auntie didn't share it I think next year I also don't know in Germany got this River Bridge over a River.
I use the Google Earth and look for the place and is there.... Cool man!!!
Is at Elbe River in Magdeburg, Germany
500 million euros to build and is 918 meter long. Salute to the engineer.... How come I didn't see this in Discovery Channel one?? Discovery Channel didn't discover ka?