My FB Getting Dirty

Everyday I see dead people in my FB. Not just only that dead body people sharing in their wall, Horrified Accidents, Merry a Dead woman, Nudity, Bullies, Racists, Polities and too much Troll Face pictures.
Every time now I open my FB this is all I see. I wonder what's is wrong with this communities social network. For you some people who like only got few hundreds friends added with your FB maybe you don't see or find this kind of problem. For me like got over thousands unknown FB people added then you know what I mean. 
Now I got feel a little bit boring with it unhappy things people post in their status/wall. 
How I wish FB can have a feature to lock all this picture/news. 
 I kinda sick of watching people keep posting or sharing disgusting photo/link like people die eg the whole head BOOMMM.... bloods and brain every where because of playing firework during CNY. Hands, Legs bleeding... this is really disgusting Bruther. 
I used to have fun with my FB one, Like to see sharing joy, happy things. Jokes and video. New baby born picture, place to eat or new thing around Brunei. But now turn out I have a habit to scroll down fast as I can to avoid seeing those kind of photos.
Oh man I hope this can be over soon.... 
Come on... still CNY and not yet Chap Go Meh lah... Happy Thought, Happy Thought
Please someone update their status telling everyone that he/she bought a new iPhone 5 lah!!!
I'm sure this is a good news I like to see!