My Childhood "Satay"

Who like this during your primary school time? I'm sure many of you had this during your 80's right!
Back in that time 2 stick for 10 cents and I always had this at our school canteen. 
I still remember my grandmother told me don't eat too much this thing and is not good.
There is a lot of rumors about this "satay" what are it make from. My grandmother told us is make by Dolphin meat, some even say is make by Biawah. Catfish (bedukang) macam-macam ada lah.
I guess that is because the parents don't want their children to eat too much this stuff that's why they make up all kind of story about what is this Satay make off!!!
After so many year I didn't eat this anymore and finally I had once again and I finally know what at this Satay make of. You also don't believe it.... Is  make with "Jellyfish"
After I read the ingredients printed on the package my dream was broken... All this year I thought is fish.
The inventor are so smart!!! Jellyfish is cheaper than fish so the profit are higher if he using fish!
So finally I clear and understand that this is make with Jellyfish not Biawah or Dolphin!!!

And now I teach you how to eat it with my new way.... and is more delicious.
Remember to toasted it or BBQ. You'll find all this year you are eat in the wrong way. Heat it before you eat is much better you tarus put in your mouth. After heat it for few minutes and wait it to cool down then it will turn super crispy and yummy. Remember to take it off from the stick before it cool down otherwise you found not convenient to eat with the stick, it keep falling with every bite you makan.
So now go try it and have your childhood dream back Bruther!!!!

Jellyfish...... and can takan until end of the year!!!         

Heat it for like 5 minutes and make sure don't over burn it!!!

take it off from the stick before it turn crispy!!!

My daughter looks like not really enjoy it coz got chili!!! hahahah