Know Your Way

I finally get it why some people get accidents at the Kiarong Rondabout liao.
This is the reason what they see from they eyes.

But now not anymore...... 
And you better know where you want to go start from today!!! No More Jump Q Bruther!!!
I purposely wake up very early this morning just to come here at take all this picture to show you so you guys better drive carefully and safe Bruther.
But I don't get it why alang-alang one. Only the car from Kiarong and Beribi got place the orange cones. Why not the car from Gadong and Kiulap also do the same things? I'm sure today many people were get surprise one when they drive here. So share this info with your friends before they get accident to stuck on the roundabout.  

Entering to Beribiri 

Entering to Gadong Market