"I tawt I taw a puddy tat!"

Yes... I did, I did taw a puddy tat!!!!
Bruther... this is a good news for all the Cat Lover kaki to participate this event.
The Brunei National Day Cat Show 2012 is going to held at this coming 11th March at Dewan Riadah, Pusat Belia,B.S.B from 9:15 am till 4:30 pm. This event is in conjunction with Brunei Darussalam's 28th National Day

It doesn't matter if your cat is just an ordinary kucing kampong, as long as they are healthy
(vaccinated and dewormed) they are welcomed to join the show, what's important is the kitty is
Entry forms can be obtained through the following:
1. online at
2. download the form at
3. Facebook (Please inbox us at the Brunei Meows account at
4. Email at
5. Hardcopy of the forms can be obtained at No: 6, Bilik Urusetia KatakIjau Pusat
Belia, BSB.

The competition is divided into three categories and their respective entry fees:
PEDIGREE (LONG HAIR & SHORT HAIR) - $10.00 per cat
DOMESTIC LONG HAIR - $8.00 per cat
DOMESTIC SHORT HAIR - $8.00 per cat 

Basic requirements besides the nominal entry fee for the show are:
1. Vaccination Records (For All categories) Cats must be vaccinated at least
ONE WEEK before the show date.
2. Pedigree Certificate from CFA or any other recognized international cat fancy.

(For the PEDIGREE category).
Submission of Entry Form(s) can be either
1. Via Online Form - Please submit the online entry form at along with details of the payment slip
2. Via Facebook - Please inbox us at the Brunei Meows account at stating your contact details.
3. Via email -
Closing date for submission of entries is 4 March 2012.
Part proceeds of the show’s admission fees will be donated to a local charity registered with
Tabung Kebangsaan of the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports.
The organizers and also their invited international judge are looking forward to meeting you and
your wonderful, loveable felines at the show.
See you there!