Can't Share Share??????

I didn't know that until my friend told me when we went down to Seria and I'm trying to park my car at Seria town using a parking coupon which I bought for spare at Bandar. My buddy told me that Bandar's parking coupon are not pakai at Seria and KB town!
At first I though that he is trying to fool me but this time he ain't look like joking.
He told me Bandar parking coupon only use at Bandar cannot campur one!
He ever one time do the same as I did but the parking lady give him samam at Seria. She told him take coupon he use only can pakai at bandar not Seria town. 
I ever one time kana parking ticket didn't pay, after 3 years I received the saman and I can pay at Bandar, must pay at the KB there.
Think about it maybe is because of your account is your account, my account is my account so cannot mix one!!!