Beach Survey After Sunday

Nice or not the sunrise picture I took? This is real it look like in the morning at Serasa Beach. I went there at 6 am with the Beach Bunch kaki. Took this photo with my camera and no special setting. Just point and shot saja and is wonderful. 
Is beautiful sunny day and we came here is not for watching the sunrise. The purpose for this is because we want to see the beach how it looks like after SUNDAY!!!
As you know every sunday Serasa Beach is the most people came for enjoy the day over there. So the number of people visiting this area, more people that's mean more rubbish. So we went there early in the morning and collect data and see how is the condition after Sunday.

I'm not surprising of what we see there... plastic bags, bottles, tapao boxes bla bla bla bla... usual lah right! Then slowly saw some people came here to throw their house sampah in the bin here too.
Not only their own rubbish from their house you can found there but also other stuff like flower pot, celling boards, mattress, cabinet........ macam-macam ada lah!!! 
Sad to see like that lah really... Beaches already not clean yet the land there also not so clean too.

Now lets forget my beautiful sunrise photo above and look at how is really looks like with our Serasa Beach now! We need to stop throwing rubbishes, plastic bags and bottle into the sea and rivers.
You still think that the worst day haven't come yet? Then I have nothing to say about this!
I really hope that we can give the Serasa Beach back to clean like last time!!!

Who dare to run over here back to back with no shoes or sandals I buy you ice-cream!!! 

Someone's house renovation right!! See I know it!!!

Notice board also no use, Say cannot but still they do business next to the boards.  same like me no school high-high cannot read!

Some residents came here and throw their rubbish here.

This picture took on the Sunday.

Jialat right!!! Every 3 feets plastic and bottle sunbathing on the beach!