I"m Sexy And I Show It

Some of my old friends long time no see me and always said that I'm never change, still look the same at school time never look old. Ok so this is my video show you my little secret how I never look old and always young. Some ladies might don't like to see this video how I use the red bottle!!!
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Beach Survey After Sunday

Nice or not the sunrise picture I took? This is real it look like in the morning at Serasa Beach. I went there at 6 am with the Beach Bunch kaki. Took this photo with my camera and no special setting. Just point and shot saja and is wonderful. 
Is beautiful sunny day and we came here is not for watching the sunrise. The purpose for this is because we want to see the beach how it looks like after SUNDAY!!!
As you know every sunday Serasa Beach is the most people came for enjoy the day over there. So the number of people visiting this area, more people that's mean more rubbish. So we went there early in the morning and collect data and see how is the condition after Sunday.

I'm not surprising of what we see there... plastic bags, bottles, tapao boxes bla bla bla bla... usual lah right! Then slowly saw some people came here to throw their house sampah in the bin here too.
Not only their own rubbish from their house you can found there but also other stuff like flower pot, celling boards, mattress, cabinet........ macam-macam ada lah!!! 
Sad to see like that lah really... Beaches already not clean yet the land there also not so clean too.

Now lets forget my beautiful sunrise photo above and look at how is really looks like with our Serasa Beach now! We need to stop throwing rubbishes, plastic bags and bottle into the sea and rivers.
You still think that the worst day haven't come yet? Then I have nothing to say about this!
I really hope that we can give the Serasa Beach back to clean like last time!!!

Who dare to run over here back to back with no shoes or sandals I buy you ice-cream!!! 

Someone's house renovation right!! See I know it!!!

Notice board also no use, Say cannot but still they do business next to the boards.  same like me no school high-high cannot read!

Some residents came here and throw their rubbish here.

This picture took on the Sunday.

Jialat right!!! Every 3 feets plastic and bottle sunbathing on the beach!


Fiber Optic Is Coming To Town

Look What I saw in afternoon at my kampong here!!! Worker installing fiber optic at my kampong here. Yeah..... my high speed internet is coming soon.... real soon!
Can't wait fro the day it come. Now is time for me to subscribe the E-Speed already. Oppss is not E-Speed I call this O-Speed, Optic Speed!! Soon I can no more suffering the Hang, Jam, Slow, Lagging internet speed I have using this broadband thing anymore.
Remember I said this "Are We Ready For This" last year in my blog here and look now - Yes we are ready for this not!!!
This is a really awesome Bruther!!!

Kristal Astro Fiesta Kickoff

Guess Who Is This Lady Taking Picture With Me

I'm 100% sure you people don't know who is this lady one right Bruther!!!
She doesn't look like a celebrity that you know in your list but I'm sure many of you ever see her act in a movie call "Nasi Lemah 2.0" last year!!!
Yeah lah..... she is the auntie that play as the rich lady fall in love with the china chef one loh... and keep saying muk-muk to she lover one!!! If you still don't have a clue then you have to watch the video below!

"I tawt I taw a puddy tat!"

Yes... I did, I did taw a puddy tat!!!!
Bruther... this is a good news for all the Cat Lover kaki to participate this event.
The Brunei National Day Cat Show 2012 is going to held at this coming 11th March at Dewan Riadah, Pusat Belia,B.S.B from 9:15 am till 4:30 pm. This event is in conjunction with Brunei Darussalam's 28th National Day

It doesn't matter if your cat is just an ordinary kucing kampong, as long as they are healthy
(vaccinated and dewormed) they are welcomed to join the show, what's important is the kitty is
Entry forms can be obtained through the following:
1. online at
2. download the form at
3. Facebook (Please inbox us at the Brunei Meows account at
4. Email at
5. Hardcopy of the forms can be obtained at No: 6, Bilik Urusetia KatakIjau Pusat
Belia, BSB.

The competition is divided into three categories and their respective entry fees:
PEDIGREE (LONG HAIR & SHORT HAIR) - $10.00 per cat
DOMESTIC LONG HAIR - $8.00 per cat
DOMESTIC SHORT HAIR - $8.00 per cat 

Basic requirements besides the nominal entry fee for the show are:
1. Vaccination Records (For All categories) Cats must be vaccinated at least
ONE WEEK before the show date.
2. Pedigree Certificate from CFA or any other recognized international cat fancy.

(For the PEDIGREE category).
Submission of Entry Form(s) can be either
1. Via Online Form - Please submit the online entry form at along with details of the payment slip
2. Via Facebook - Please inbox us at the Brunei Meows account at stating your contact details.
3. Via email -
Closing date for submission of entries is 4 March 2012.
Part proceeds of the show’s admission fees will be donated to a local charity registered with
Tabung Kebangsaan of the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports.
The organizers and also their invited international judge are looking forward to meeting you and
your wonderful, loveable felines at the show.
See you there!

Who Kill MMS?

Seriously this day who still need to use feature "MMS" again?
 I myself almost got 4 years not using it already and I don't think I wanna use it in future too. 
I think in future MMS and SMS could be gonna kick out in Smart Phone industry too.
 Of coz SMS maybe still can survive for few more year lagi lah but MMS i don't think so can live anymore longer.Just like the Pager... who still carry this toy right???? 

So who is behind this making the MMS and SMS dying? Social Media, Facebook, WhatsApps is the killer!!!
Just last year saja... all this apps kill the world mobile operators losing 13.9 Billions dollars just in the SMS revenue !!! Can you believe that? That is really a lot of money bruther!! This is crazy!!!! 
If in future we use the mobile phone just need the line, Not making SMS or Call anymore what do you think is gonna happen??? We just need the phone to online or hook up with the WiFi ( which is what we doing right now daily) Sure the company die one lah!!!

Is true one bah.... think about it all this Smart Phone ( iPhone, HTC, Samsung) don't know one day will kill the mobile operator or not oh!!! With all this apps Whatsapps, Viber, Skype, Facetime, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc...already more than enough for use to communicated and unite to each other!
Mobile Phone kill Beeper, Email kill Fax, Smart Phone kill Mobile Operator...hahaha now that is hilarious....

CLick below here and read the other about losing 13.9 billions dollars losing because of the social messaging.

Kristal Astro New Packaging

I was invited to attended Kristal Astro repackaging presentation this morning. Want or don't want you also have to read this post before you cry father cry mother out there!
I posted they channels, packages and prices list early this morning already got some people cry out loud complain the price increase. Of coz if you just look at the list no doubt the the price is increase. But if you see deep deep of it there is a lot of good stuffs there.

Let me make it short and explain to you. I believe  my Astro channel most likely are same like you one have all the channels (except HD) and it cost me $54.95 per month. Is has Movie, sport, chinese, malay, india, food, travel, children, business, news etc...... correct???
Ok but now the new one is going to cost us $55.95 with some new channel like "Nat Geo Wild", "Baby TV", "Arena", "ESPN News", "Mustika-Astro Citra, Astro Wanan and B4U/Bella"
Good right!!!! got few new channel!!! But............. NOT WITH THE SPORT CHANNELS!!!
So if you want sport channels you have to subscribe it and cost you another $10.00 extra!!! All together is $65.95!!! 
Yes if see like that of coz it is expensive liao... Everyone also prefer the "Old Package" 
BUT.......... I love the NEW Package, Why??? Because of 50% discount for the second subsequent subscriptions. Which mean that I have share with my sister and now can be more cheaper that last time and get more channel. 
See here... A. $65.95 + B. $32.975(50% off) = $98.925. Me and my sister half half-share share it only cost us each $49.9626. See that??? is cheaper kan!!! (p/s: both must be same package, cannot family pack+Jade pack and must be at same house/address)
And if is for those HD subscribers lagi good... More channels and only cost you $10.00 same price like last time one!!! GOOD Right!!!
But of coz for those people who only have one Astro in one house one no siok lah

Alright.... this is what I can share with you all... if you have any further question like why no channel 305, I don't watch Indian channels why I still have to pay!!!, Take away the chinese channel got discount or not? bla bla bla bla bla.... Please don't ask me I'm not work with Kristal Astro ok!!! 
If you want you can go to their Kristal Astro Fiesta roadshow at Airport Mall on Sunday 26th Feb 2012, 10am-10pm!!!!

Oppsss one more thing I almost forgot
Free viewing of all channels to all the active subscribers early in the morning (00:01hrs) 23rd Feb to Midnight (23:59hrs) 29th Feb 2012.

Compare the Old one with the New package.

This is the New package. Family Pack

Package 2 - Ruby Pack, for the movie kaki!!!

Sapphire Pack 

Must read this 
Visit this for more inquire 

Why Should We Buy Gold Disc Not Purple Disc

Spooky Photo With @Victorysitohang!!!

Look left bottom corner!!!

Scary right!!! Aiya of coz that one is not a ghost lah just a normal indon guy but don't know why my picture taken him like that maybe because iPhone camera not good in night time.
Anyway that's Choky Sitohang again. This time he is not come with this wife, last time I have a chance to meet his wife Melissa Aryani. Good to hear that he become a father too with a 11 months old baby girl! But this year he looks like skinny than the last time we met. He told me that is because he had a workout program. Want to know more him you can follow him in this twitter @Victorysitohang
He such a nice and humble person and I was shock when he call my name when I pass him by.
Hope to see you again Indother!!!!

And look who is this guy!!!! Is Glenn Fredly hehehe to bad my first time met him is not in January hahaha is not I can alway remember him with this song Januari.

Snap Snap And Win Prize

To all the Photo Kaki here are two contest you may like to participate. Come and join now, choose which one you suka lah! "Travel Photography Contest" or the "Most Photogenic Face Contest".
Both competition also in conjunction  with Camera and Travel Fair 2012. Great prize to be win so don't miss it! 

click image to view larger!

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New Way Eat This Both

I don't know what's wrong with me this few day keep looking for snack. I can say after the durian monsoon over now I'm in junk food mode!!
Yesterday after home dinner I automatic go looking for snacks again in the snack bucket. 
At first I'm eating the prawn cracker then I saw my kids they all having the japanese sea weed. Suddenly I have an idea what does it taste if this two thing mix together. Then I roll the cracker with the sea weed I found this two things a matching mixing together!!
Try it!!! You'' found the sea weed turn become super crispy and the prawn turn more tasty with the sea weed!!!
Try it if you are the person who like sea weed and prawn cracker.
I suggest you buy the Yellow packing prawn cracker I think is more yummy!!!

Look Like My Niece Or Not?

Bruther.... If your next trip go Miri don't forget to try this snack. Really yummy and everyone says Good Good Eat. This snack is from Taiwan and has a lot of different type of snack too. The famous one is their noodles. 
The reason why I was to saying this is because I notice the cartoon girl in the packing look like my niece. The real 張君雅小妹妹-little girl Chang Jun Ya.
Isn't she cute..hahaha

Here are some video of the advert. cute and funny
(sorry not english sub-title)

Game Your Video

This is good apps for taking video. If you do like taking video like me too than you should have this apps too with your iPhone. I have bought different kind of video apps, iMovie, 8mm, Action Movie but this is the best I found and I strongly suggest you to get one of this.
It has a lot of effect which you can on in your video. More  than 30 video, camera and sound effect it has inside. I love the haunted effect it was awesome.
Your videos can Cut or Join or edit the videos in your camera roll  and save back in your camera roll also can.
You can tarus upload the video to your FB or Youtube also can, such a easy apps and make my day easy! I really like it. Hoping future they can update more effect with the apps!
And here are the video clip I took my baby Eva!!!

World Cancer Day

Up Your Flag

Have you put up the national flag already? Me too not yet but tomorrow I'll ask my maid to take out the flag and hang. Today I pass by the primary school at Kiarong and I saw they put up a huge national flag really no play play almost got 2 storey high... awesome If got time pass by there and have a look. 

My Childhood "Satay"

Who like this during your primary school time? I'm sure many of you had this during your 80's right!
Back in that time 2 stick for 10 cents and I always had this at our school canteen. 
I still remember my grandmother told me don't eat too much this thing and is not good.
There is a lot of rumors about this "satay" what are it make from. My grandmother told us is make by Dolphin meat, some even say is make by Biawah. Catfish (bedukang) macam-macam ada lah.
I guess that is because the parents don't want their children to eat too much this stuff that's why they make up all kind of story about what is this Satay make off!!!
After so many year I didn't eat this anymore and finally I had once again and I finally know what at this Satay make of. You also don't believe it.... Is  make with "Jellyfish"
After I read the ingredients printed on the package my dream was broken... All this year I thought is fish.
The inventor are so smart!!! Jellyfish is cheaper than fish so the profit are higher if he using fish!
So finally I clear and understand that this is make with Jellyfish not Biawah or Dolphin!!!

And now I teach you how to eat it with my new way.... and is more delicious.
Remember to toasted it or BBQ. You'll find all this year you are eat in the wrong way. Heat it before you eat is much better you tarus put in your mouth. After heat it for few minutes and wait it to cool down then it will turn super crispy and yummy. Remember to take it off from the stick before it cool down otherwise you found not convenient to eat with the stick, it keep falling with every bite you makan.
So now go try it and have your childhood dream back Bruther!!!!

Jellyfish...... and can takan until end of the year!!!         

Heat it for like 5 minutes and make sure don't over burn it!!!

take it off from the stick before it turn crispy!!!

My daughter looks like not really enjoy it coz got chili!!! hahahah

Who Die?

I'm not a big fans of Whitney Houston so when I heard her dead news I just "Ha.." then the next thing in my mind is "Overdoes" I'm not surprise to hear her die coz she had smoking weeds, cocaine habit. Celebrities died with drugs is not a new news anymore... Is a common fact now.
No doubt her song is awesome and several hit song I still remember how to sing a little but still me not really her big fans.
Me still remember back to my hey day she was singing at Jerudong Amphitheater and dance with our Crown Prince that night. 
Anyway God Bless Her Rest In Peace.
Message to the 90's boys and girls..... FYI Whitney Houston and Opera Winfield are not a same person!!!
The most hilarious tribute to Whitney in FB!!!

Congratulation Bruther Leong!!!

Finally I witness one of my bruther converted to Islam and also this is my first time I attend this ceremony. At first I don't know what to do me with the gang just stand far far from behind and see see look look. Until I saw a man waving to me look like telling me is ok to come in and take picture baru I dare dare to walk in and take photo.
The ceremony was held at last Saturday at Pehin Rahman's resident.  Me and and some Leong's family members and friends came to witness it. My bruther manyak handsome lah that night!

Bruther... Let me proudly introduce to you my friend 
Abdul Salam Bin Abdullah Lam