What's Happening Last Year

As usual lah everyone at this time should look back what had we done for the pass 356 days right. Same -same me too. I also looking back what happening and what I had on last year.
Luckily I got blog and is easily for me to look back Bruther.
Last year 1st of January I said that I have to lose some weight and I want to throw away my big flabby belly, obviously I didn't do it and this fats still with me for the whole year.. In fact they have gain thire generation too.

So do I look different??? This is my picture between 2011 and 2012 both also taken at 1st of January. I think I got look a bit old and skinny after one year.. don't you think so??

Me 01-01-2011
Me 01-01-2012

The rest of the things looks like nothing much change. Of coz I gain some but also lose some.
The most happier thing I had last year is I have a new baby girl. Not happy is we lose a little Lim member. After I looking back all my posts I notice that last year really did  a lot of people die. Start from the day my friend's step father die at day before Chinese New Year every months also see got people die. Famous people got Steve Jobs, Osama Ladin, Gaddafi and Kim Jong il etc...
Car accidents one not need to say you also know the recently Bus accident and Sabah and the 2 little cute girls at the school. Say right... ya I know sorry to remind you all again. So hopefully everyone be safe and more caution this year Ok!!!
Ok... back yo happy things
I went to KL, Perth, Gold Coast , Hua Hin and Bangkok.
I ate Kapow 5.0, Mee Ayam, Nasi Padang and many more. no wonder I still fat lah!!!
uncounted friends I met last year but one man I never forget is him the man who bring me to @live
Is good to have a blog and help me to track my history.
 Last but not least... Wish you all the best and happy new year Bruther!!!