Tie Shoelaces Vs Play iPad/iPhone

Suddenly I have this question in my head. How many kids out the under 6 who really know who to tie up their shoelaces?
Seriously I don't think this days those parents are proud of their children that know how to tie up their own shoelaces! Am I right???? More of them are more concert and proud of their kids know who to play with the iPad or iPhone (even myself also)
As you see this day even under 3 years old kids also know how to unlocked the iPhone/iPad and play with the apps but is hard to see kids under 6 years old know how to tie their shoelace. Which mean that the iPad/iPhone are more easy operating that tie up the shoelaces......

I'm not surprise of this coz I'm sure and also seen some people eat until 30 still don't know which one is Left and which one is Right! And also some chinese finish high school still don't know how to read or recognize which one is the chinese left and right. You don't believe... test them!