Super Lelong Chinese Comic Books!!!

Thousand and thousands Chinese Comic Books here are for Lelong!!!

Last night I received a call from a lady that she hope that I can help her to coverage about her brother shop. I did do that before like new restaurants, shop or kedai-kedai in Brunei. I though it was just ordinary shop like a new launching shop like that... But after talking with her baru I realize is her brother shop gonna close down soon. This is some thing that I never do before.
Then I just realize that the place is where I use to hang out when I was young. The Comic Book House at 1st Floor of the Gadong Hua Ho. Seriously I totally forgot about this place. Me and my sister last time rent comic book from them and now is quite sad and feel sorry that they going to close down.
So now all their comic books semua lelong.... price are really cheap. One whole series original one more than 10 books only cost $10.00 but of cost some of that are more cheaper! Buy more discount more. You also can pop out your price and don't forget to bargain. 
I got myself whole big black sampah bag back home and cheap until my wife also don't believe. Tomorrow she also want to get the Rama 1/2 whole series too!  
I spend 3 hours there and look for those comic I read when I was young. Can't believe that still have some. I try my best to have it but too bad I don't have enough space to keep of those comic.
If you are also a Chinese comic lover don't miss this chance yo.. I hard to have like this again in the future. For those saloon, restaurant or cafe owner you guys also can buy some and put in your shop to let your customer to read... Not bad also right!!!
For more information or you want to sapu all the comics you can contact the two number below here.
8986577-Sarah or 8730018-Aunty Adeline.

This is a huge collections of comic books here. Everything must go including the book racks!!!

Is like a comic book heaven if you own all this in your room!!!!

A man buy all this 8 full box of comic for 250.00!!! Can you believe it!!! 

I'm sure someone who love to have this collection. Guess what.. only $10.00 saja!!!

Dragon Balls 1 to 42...!!! Name Your Prices!!!

I used to crazy about this Dragon Tiger Gate.... All this must go!!!!

This is collectable items!!!

Mix and Match yourself and don't forget to bargain!!!!

She also got some novel back home too.

This is all I have for the 3 hours looking up and down, in and out!!! Only 30 dollars!!! Worth It Baby!!!

And a free classic Long Fu Meng poster!!!!