No More i?

Sometime I wondering would Apple named their produce with and i in front forever?
iPhone, iPad, iPod, iMac, iTunes, iMovie, iCal, iChat, iDVD, iPhoto, iWeb, iSync, iWork, iLife, iLotus.
All this i i i i i  thing was named when Steve Jobs still as a CEO of Apple Inc. But now he had already gone and do you think that Tim Cook also gonna follow this foot step?
I have a feeling that Tim Cook not going to name Apple's produces with i i i i  things in front again.
Like the Safari, Aperture, Photo Booth, Macbook they don't need the i in front.
So I got a feeling that Apple next generation of phone is not calling iPhone 5. If Apple still want to be a leader of all this electronic gadget they must think of some thing different again like last time when iPhone born. Seriously I do crazy support the Apple's gadget and did it for nearly 5 years but at the same time now I also sense that other brand's produces also catching up Apple now. I'm not sure now I still can hold my holy-molly to love Apple again in future if they fail again like that when Steve Jobs not the CEO of Apple.

I have see that the iPhone's Apps has almost reach to the bottle neck. Apps people created this day look like repeat and repeat. Social, Video, Photo, Games all like nothing much change. Is kinda boring now. 
Say true true one lah... I have an iDea for the Apple. If you can invented your next iPhone that can use in the "WATER" and it will be great and I'm sure this is another Boom again for the iPhone.

Take a look at this... iPhone can use in the sky, space, on the ground or cave but you never hear that people using iPhone in the water. If the next iPhone can in the water..... dammm my daily life is going to change again in 2012. Taking shower, enjoy my hot bathtub, I still can play music and Angry Birds there. Taking pictures and videos in the swimming  pool wasn't that awesome?
And I'm sure that day it comes a lot of Bath/Shower Apps develop... and Apps can create for the diver who can use in the sea. GPS under the sea etc...
Apps for children can play with their iPad during shower just like a rubber ducky!!! See... isn't that a great iDea... more place and more apps to create for using under water!!! 
Tim Cook.... please hire me!!! I really want to help Apple and see this day happen!!!

I can't block them over taking me any longer!!!