Nice Phone But Cannot Instagram!!! LOL

This few day busy on something.... but think about it I also don't know what am I busy on. Everyday jalan sini jalan sana. The recently follow my friend go buy sound system for his living room and mobile phone. He got himself a Samsung Galaxy Note. He been keep asking me is that Ok to buy or not... I know even that how many time I say No I'm sure that he still wanted to buy one. I'm not a Android kaki of coz not agree one la right.... but last last I still have to tipu myself and say YES go get one.
This new smart phone not cheap also tu.... nine hundred plus plus!!! Big and huge with the screen, holding it making a call just like holding a piece of Black Toilet Tile.
iPhone kaki... next time if you see people using Galaxy Note you tell them "Oi...Toilet tile is use on the toilet floor not on your face"
Booo... some how a smart phone nearly 1k yet cannot play with Instagram!!!! Booooooo.
( I'm sure a lot of Android kaki hate me after I post this) 

Hello....... You Play Play with us Gilaxy Note ya!!!! I'll Smack You with my Tile nanti!!!