My New Hair(s) Cut

Chinese New Year is coming.... to town!!!
Yea lah... Is time to have a hair cut now before it double the price. I still haven't got buy new cloth for CNY. Don't know why it doesn't feel like CNY mode is on. Maybe because I'm old or is too early to have another "New Year" or what lah. Just like the X'mas and 2012 new year wasn't long ago and now the CNY again coming.... Normally our CNY is on February one but this year is on January....mmmm feel like not use to it!!! 
But anyhow... January or February also have to celebrating it lah.. that's why now we all are preparing it now. Spring cleaning the house, wash,polish and wax the car... I think tomorrow I also have to hang the Red Lantern on the garage there liao. But don't worry lah my Lantern won't hit one your head one lah. 
I remember I have the Lion Dance adopted last year.. mmm is time to take it out for Sun Bathing again.