Mee Durian

Alright.... today is the second day of 2012. I try some thing usually I don't Do...... actually I Do but it just that I long time no Do anymore. It is weird and not people gonna like it and try.
This time I go for more hardcore... During my childhood I tried it Maggi Mee with Banana... after that lausai for 3 day.... in fact I until not now don't believe it cause me that diarrhea. I think is some other thing shouldn't be is Maggi Mee mix with Banana!! 
After many year I try with Maggi Mee with few table spoon of Black Caviar. Can't remember how much it cost with that bowl of mee and it taste!!!
 Today I go for more hardcore.. Maggi Mee with Durian ad my breakfast!!!
Boys and Girls... don't try this at home but if you eaat full full not nothing to do and dare to try... Go for it!!! You not gonna like it unless you love Maggi Mee and Durian!!!