Hidden Treasure

If you have renting comic book experience sure you have see this kind of this or some people have this kind of habit. Sticking their nose shit in one of the page. I'm already used to it to see this, during my school time this is a very common one.... Not only the comic book house got like that... Our school library also very common to see this thing in the book.
Can't believe that today I meet them again after so many years I didn't see them anymore. If I wasn't 2 days ago when to buy those 2nd hand comic books at Gadong I also never have a chance to see them again.
I don't know why how come got some people got this kind of habit one like to dig their nose shit and stick in the book. Wondering is it because they use that as their book mark or not!! 
Bu looking at the color you actually can judge that person healthy or not.
This one you see is yellow color... that's mean this average, If is green color one sure that person is Panas nya.... If is black color sure that person is long time no clean his nose one...

Nose shit is Ok lah..... some thing got more worse one if you rent the book got 2 page is sticked together one... can't open anymore, if you use force to open either one of the page will go to another one!!!
Now think about it... I wondering what are those thing and make them stick!!! Disgusting right!!! hahaha

The nose shit got almost 15 years old already!!!