Happy Friday The 13th!!!

Do you think Friday The 13th is really bad ka???? Suddenly I got this idea why people not celebrate Friday 13th one oh??? We have people play with the April Fool wat...... Why not Friday 13th cannot also like that kan? If you see people fall, lost IC or money. Smart phona kana curi, Car hit by someone on this day... Sent your greeting to them say "Happy Friday The 13th!!!!"
If might feel much better and calm... right!!! 
Like yesterday a trailer self accident at the Jalan Tutong near the hospital and high court there in the morning, causing a heavy traffic jam make many people late to work, school, home, breakfast etc.
Very jialat one man.... Me not going out just stay at home at that time. Open my facebook and twitter already can see more them 10 people posting the truck accident photo!!! Not so sure the driver or anyone else get hurt about that. I can say that is the News of The Day.
All I can say is " Happy Advance Friday The 13th"!!!!!!