Fresh Air Cafe

I'm sure many of you ever see this place before. If you going down to Seria or coming up to Bandar sure ever see this place one. It located at after the traffic light at Lumut one on the left hand side if you from Bandar. After so many year and passing by this place and wondering What and How is this place look like, finally last week me and my friend give it a try during our trip to KB.
I always wondering what does it mean with F.A Cafe mean for.... I always thought that is Football Association Cafe... something with soccer stuff lah.
After drive up and see baru I know is mean for FRESH AIR cafe!!! lol
Ok no doubt that place is nice, peaceful and clean and the name Fresh Air Cafe really suit for the name.
Bring Darling go there dating dating also not bad. Or some friends makan there when having a trip to Seria or KB. Strictly not a nice place for a couple for discuss about life or fighting.. coz is to silence until can hear what you talk about even far away from 20 meter. Seriously one.. I no tipu.
Foods nice and price also reasonable. Can go for a try next time if you go there but make sure slow down your speed early before is too late and need to make a big u turn again. 

After I see this baru I know what does F A cafe mean for!

Nice big compound for parking!!!