End Holiday, Back To Blog.

Not need to weight I also can feel that I gain some KG again on this CNY holiday. From the first day of CNY everyday I eat durian. Eat until the 5th day I can feel that my body start getting hot already. At night sleep open aircon also feel hot. Visiting people's open house or friends come my house I also offering them eat durian. True true one as I say months ago, this year CNY sure eat Durian gau gau one which I correct.

I guess that is it. No more visit Bai Nian or Open House again. I want to start work and start my blog.
My first job hire taking the chocolate shop of all three outlet in Brunei. See picture above you should know what shop liao la right. Photo are use for update their website. Hopefully you people like it also with the photo.

More picture got to upload during my CNY visiting and wish you all have a wonderful Monday. Happy Work, Happy School and Happy Day.