Celebrate Prosperity. McDonald’s has brought prosperous times back for Bruneians with the all-time favourite Prosperity Burger.

Enjoy your favourite Chicken Prosperity meal now and is available for a limited time only.

“The Prosperity Burger is a Malaysian creation and its phenomenal popularity has been making waves in the region. The secret to the great-tasting Prosperity Burger lies in the quality ingredients that we use. We do not compromise on food quality and maintain strict quality and safety standards from sourcing for ingredients right up to serving the finished products. When it comes to our food, our values are one of our most important ingredients, and we focus hard on delivering only the best to our customers,” said Dk. Kemariah Pg Hj Duraman, General Manager of McDonald’s Brunei.

Similar to the Beef Prosperity Burger, the Chicken Prosperity Burger is made of a juicy tender chicken dipped in aromatic black pepper sauce and topped with slivered onions in a sesame seed bun for an appetizing meal. Also making a special appearance as part of the Prosperity meal is the Twister Fries, made from the best Umatilla Russet potatoes, perfectly seasoned and cooked to golden perfection. While the Prosperity McFizz, a combination of 100% orange juice and Sprite, is the perfect beverage to complete the meal.

The Chicken Prosperity meal is priced at $7.18 and Beef Prosperity meal is at $6.78 for medium and just add 60 cents for large meal.

Double Prosperity will start from 19 January 2012. Visit McDonald’s for your next meal or call 244 9669 for McDelivery.