Be A Man Zini!!!!

Fight with a man same size with you; Not fighting with a 2 years old girl in front your girlfriend. That's call Faggot!!!!!  
How can a man put so heavy hands on a small little girl like that, if he using a small rotan I still can understand but beating a little girl like beat a dog that's is too much and over. You Mother Popcorn God Bless this time the Justice is not on your side!!!!

I really piss off after I read this news (HERE) I tears almost wanted to fall when I read until how he grab the girl to the bathroom and pushed her head in the toilet bowl!!!
I ever read  same story like this in Tv news. In Taiwan same like this, A man beat his girlfriend's son in his apartment, The boy vomit few times, send to hospital already mati yet say that fall down from the stairs!
Last last they both; the mother of the little boy and the man masuk jail. (see here) sorry I find in english version.
Now again this same shit happen here in our country I really can't imagine that this man why are so clueless putting a small little girl in so much pain.

For people no see news or don't know who I talk about.... read HERE!!!!
Somebody will get hurt real bad this time with his ass!!!!