Back To School, Work and Jam

Congratulation... you are now officially back to School, your work and welcome back to the jam.
Bye bye to the year end holiday and hello to the New year life. 
Most of the people nothing much change with the new year life... especially like me!!!
Hope this year I have some little bit change.. More job and more extra income. If not how to have enough money to send my daughter to school kan. Lagi pun our one and only Chinese school in Bandar one the school fees have increases. Unless I send her to other school lah. or else go study and Sungai Liang there very close to my wife old house!!!

I'm sure many people still haven't come back from their Holiday Mood Mode! Although sitting in the classroom or office their mood still don;t know where else. But is fine lah Bruther.... Chinese New Year also in this month and is coming soon. By the time you can On again your Holiday Mood Mode!!!

And for those people who hated stuck in the traffic jam..... Nothing I can help only I special dedicate this song for you and hope it can chill you up!!!